House Cleaning Services

  • We’ll change the linens on your beds. We ask that you leave the clean linens out which is our indication that you want them changed.
  • We’ll dust and polish all of your furniture as necessary.
  • We’ll dust your baseboards, ceiling corners, ceiling fans, window sills, door facings and frames with each visit.
  • We’ll wet wipe your mirrors and framed pictures as necessary.
  • In the bathrooms we’ll clean the tub, tile, shower doors, commodes, counter tops and sinks. We’ll remove all mildew, soap scum and lime build up. We’ll wet wipe everything when finished so that everything will be show ready with no water spots.
  • In the kitchen we’ll clean the stove top and burners, front of the stove; top, front and sides of the refrigerator and the front of the dishwasher. We’ll clean your counter tops, wipe shine all of the appliances on your counter tops, move them forward, clean below them and move them back. We’ll clean your microwave on the inside and out and clean and dry your sink.
  • We’ll vacuum all of your carpeted and hard surfaces and damp mop all of your tile, linoleum and wood floors.
  • We’ll gather up all of the trash from each of your waste baskets and take it to your central garbage can.

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